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DJ Big Worm

Kenny Andrew also known as DJ Big Worm is a very talented and versatile DJ originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua. He began his career at a very early age playing birthday parties and other small events gaining experience dating back to the early nineties.  In the early 2000's he was given the opportunity to travel to various islands across the Caribbean, playing music in night clubs and other private & corporate events. He was also the official DJ for Antigua’s carnival festival during the period 2004 – 2008.
In 2010 he migrated to Montreal, Canada, where he decided to continue his successful career as a DJ in the city and began playing events on a weekly basis.  He also won a few DJ competitions here in Montreal to include the very popular “who’s the Hypest” DJ competition in 2012. In 2013 he joined one of Montreal’s most versatile DJ crew "
Nemesis Soundz" where he shares his knowledge, skills and experience with other talented DJs. He has over 20 years experience as a DJ with a very diverse music library that features many genres of music.
 He is a very sociable DJ and is known to have his patrons feeling satisfied through his professionalism, versatility & knowledge of music. He has experience playing many private parties, corporate .

Facebook: DJ Big Worm Mtl

Instagram: djbigworm

Twitch: djbigworm_mtl

MixCloud: DJ Big Worm



RJ Biggz love for music began at a young age, influenced by his father who was Djing with King Chow one of his mentors.
Although being a versatile Dj, his first love was R & B.  
With his unique style, he spent many years playing at local night clubs, alongside local and international Dj’s.
Djing special events and promoting his own events, RJ Biggz has had a lot of time to develop his own technique.
For him, it’s all about the mood and a deep connection with the crowd which his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing chunes.
A very active member of his local community, RJ Biggz is no stranger to the ups-and-downs of a small-town music scene. But with the help of GVO radio Montreal, we plan to take music to the next level.

Facebook: RJ Biggz John
Instagram: @RjBiggz



DJ Akin.jpeg

DJ AKIN “THE PEOPLE'S DJ” (6 Years Experience)

His motivation is surrounding himself with Djs in his family, doing the best he can do and be.
He has affiliation with Nu Concept Crew (Mtl) and the official Dj for Top Shelf Famalay Promotion (SVG)
One of his biggest highlight was playing at the Quebec Teachers Association (QPAT) social event 4 years in a row at the PALAIS DE CONGRES in Montreal.                     

Tune in every Saturday evening from 4PM to 6PM to his show “Free Up Saturdays”

Instagram: @dj.akin




Soca music is the happiest music in the world and no other genre can give you the pulsating, gyrating rhythm, coupled with double-entendre word play.
Growing up with Soca music blaring in the house set him up with his current skillset.
Big smile and big vibes!
Getting his start in university playing for the Concordia Caribbean Students Union's Thursday night limes, and parties, only helped to make things better. He needed the vibes all day, every day.
Digital Movements is the squad he move with.
Theymare the first winners of Montreal’s Soca Juggling Championship and know for their early remix vibes.
They’ve played locally, and internationally along side the worlds best, and continue to consistently grow their brand. Dj Bobby Payne, Wiz, J.E. Bunns, and Powda are #AlwaysDifferent.
Look out for their events that always blend ideas in an innovative manner (Soca Strike, Colour Wave, Soca Rolla, Strawberries, Glace).

Check him out each Thursday for that pre-weekend pump.
Tabanca, each Thursday, from 8-10pm, gives you 2hrs straight of Soca music from across the Caribbean.
Consider me GVO’s West Indies Soca tour guide.  

Twitch: powda514


DJ Kush.jpg

DJ KUSH (11 years experience)

Born and raised in Saint Vincent in a small village name Rose Bank. He migrated to Montreal, Canada in 2008, mission to create a new life.
The motive was always there to play music setting up panyard international sound system based in Chato a village on the Leeward side of SVG.
He started playing music in 2009 with a sound call Basic Sounds and then ventured on his own as Dj Kush.
Through the years he was able to win 2 trophy in the popular known event “Who’s The Hypest ” in Montreal in 2014 and 2016. He’s been the first dj to win the competition twice back to back.
He’s put on some well known events in the city “From Nothing To Something”, “I’m A Big Dea”l and “Flags Fete”.
He’s motivated by his late mother and his kids; also plans to make it on the international platform.

Instagram: @djkush_the_king_of_vibez_


DJ Kool Jay.jpg

DJ KOOL JAY (18 years experience)

He started playing in his basement in 2002, since then he’s been practicing new tricks and listening to other djs for inspiration.
He has a love for different genre of music.
He enjoys producing quality service to his clients every event he performs.
He would love to explore making beats and having his own studio one day.

Instagram: @djkooljay_svg
Facebook: @djkooljay Lawrence



DJ RedRose.jpeg


One of the city’s premiere Female entertainers
DJ RedRose is a Montreal native, she perfected her mixtape skills while experiencing life and the Dancehall culture in Jamaica.  
Her return to Montreal jump started her passion for DJing.  
DJ RedRose is not only a female force in the industry, but a strong supporter of other women in similar fields.
Her overall vibe promotes inclusivity, positivity, and of course, great music.
Her growing talent in mixtapology, made her hungry for more, so she became determined in making her name known in Montreal and her 2nd home in Kingston.
She continues to grow her flavour and her international reach not only with her first love: Reggae and Dancehall, but extending to all genres of music and types of fans.

Instagram: @djredrosemusic



DJ Black Diamond.jpg


At the age of seven, is the age that Dj Flip was introduced to djing.
It all started when he was trying to follow in the footsteps of his father Dj Hot Wax.
He started by playing around with vinyl and cassettes then eventually worked his way up to cds.
Playing in a couple of house parties as he grew into a teenager is when he received a little recognition.
As the years passed, he was focused on the reggae world of music and decided to call himself Black Diamond Sound.
The name carried on for about a year until he was introduced to Dj Big Worm that played for a Exile 1, And that was when he joined an a sound and change his name from Dj Flip to Dj Black Diamond.
He is now solo dj.
He plans to continue focusing on scratching, tone play, versatility and looking to move forward in the business.

Instagram: @jermainalleyne

Facebook: Jermain Alleyne(Dj Black diamond)


DJ Spranks.jpg


Growing up in a musical home at age 5 he found his passion and love for music and wanted to be a radio dj. After going to a few school fairs and standing where the djs were most times, he watched and learned. Having access to dj equipments he thought himself to mix and scratch on turntables without ever breaking a needle. He then became the community dj ,playing for house parties and even weddings
Fast forward to 2002, he and four of his musical friends form a sound system named KAUTION SOUND, Couple months after he and his crew got a job on HOT 97 SVG 6 months after it had opened its doors . Stardom came soon after as he became one of the most popular and versatile dj in Saint Vincent. Started travelling and touring which  lasted for ten years due to members of the group moved on to different things in life .
He then migrated to Montreal ,Canada after the birth of his son. He then started getting gigs here and there and meeting other djs ,thats where he linked up with Dj Big Worm and became part of EXILE 1 SOUNDS, that lasted for awhile. Then about two years after he became a member of UPTOWN SOUNDZ to this current date. He is also dj announcer and part of the management team on GVO Radio.


DJ Stevie.jpg

DJ STEVE (20 years experience)

Dj Steve been a dj for 20 years now. While growing up with his father as musician and falling in love with Classic Studio One Reggae hits, as well as listening to Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and many more made him want to be a dj.
He’s motivated by his craft, music is his escape. When he’s in the music zone, he’s on a different level. His brother was the one that saw his talent, still today is his mentor (Fitzroy aka Dj Fido Campbell)
He started in the late 90s, found himself loving the craft more and more. Self teaching himself and the rest is history.
He keep growing and learning different types of genres of music.

Instagram: @ djsteve_fusion
Facebook: Stevie Sterling


DJ kid


DJ Marvelous.jpg

Marvin Cherman also known as "DJ Marvelous" is a former resident of Grenada that is recognized for it's diverse spices, arts and talents.


From a very young age, music was introduced to him through his relatives. and throughout his years, music became the key ingredient in bringing and uniting others around him.


His inspirations are endless, and artist such as Buju Banton, Culture, Nas and Jay z has transform the way music should be felt and heard, They have made records after records that unites us all and in doing so we can create moments.


DJ Marvelous says that music has also been one of the key ingredient to his business, and as an entrepreneur he thinks that a business needs key potentials to be able to stay successful. He wants to give special thanks to Sean Pierre" who is like his backbone and business partner for many years. In his business place, he have seen how music change the way his clients socialize and this is amazing to see.


Throughout his journey he has collaborated with many great DJ's, Musicians, Singers and Songwriters, who have all been an asset to his path and success. Some of these DJa are RJ Biggz & the skillful DJ Big Worm to name a few, they both have been true supporters to the overall goal on sharing the joy of music.


In conclusion the mission is to continue to be apart of the GVO  team and create shows where he can play his role in elevating our generation with positive music that will  make a difference.  He says, for the up coming years he will be expanding his brand and making room for all the opportunities life has to offer.

Facebook: Marvin Cherman

Twitch: DJMarvelous



UPTOWN SOUNDZ, was founded in 1999, as an initiative for the youths in the Cote Des Neiges area also known as Uptown in Montreal Quebec Canada.  The sound was then taken on the road by Red Eye, Vince and Anthony g, with the addition of Mr Metro in 2005.  Eventually the sound was left to Mr metro who kept the sound active for years before being joined by DJ Spranks, then by the most recent recruit Yung Spinner in 2019.  In 2021 Spranks & Yung Spinner branched off to form another crew, so current member is just Father Metro.


Uptown Soundz is a household name in the city playing many parties Sound clashes (DJ Competition) and other events over the years representing their area.

Facebook: Uptown Soundz

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